Who are we ?

The main vocation of anaxa-vida is to develop innovative software in the field of video analysis.
Our sophisticated software analyze video streams from cameras, track mobile objects, provide in-depth analyzes of behaviors, detect abnormal events, extract statistics and can be interfaced with existing systems such as cashiers, highway entrances, video-surveillance systems, databases. Anaxa-vida adapts its software based on the requirements and specifications of its customers.

Our added values

  • Scientific research and innovation is in the heart of our development.
  • Anaxa-vida has a strong expertise in computer vision and data mining.
  • Respect of privacy throught the complete anonymity of persons.
  • Accurate development according to customer specifications.
  • Handling both whole and partial project (installation, parameter, development, tests, data interpretation, training).
  • High performance of software: precision, data modeling and management, working in indoor (e.g. malls, stores) and outdoor (e.g. resting areas, parking) environments.

Our solutions

Anaxa-vida develops original software solutions for :

  • Intelligent global and area-specific counting.
  • Heat map computation.
  • Flow map computation..
  • Detection of incidents (falls, panic reactions, intrusions …).
  • Detection of starting fire.
  • Smoke detection.
  • Detection of available parking spots.
  • License plate and sign recognition.

Anaxa-vida is an engineering R&D company able to provide solutions on the basis of customer requirements in the field of video and behaviour analyses.

Our values

Since its creation in 2011, Anaxa-vida develops eco-friendly activities.In practice, our solutions offer low energy consumption and our development activities are driven by znd engaged towards biodiversity.Anaxa-vida pays attention to collaborate with partners that follow sustainable development policies. The staff of anaxa-vida is engaged in ecologic processes and respects the recommendations for ecology and biodiversity.

Our values ​​are freedom, honesty, audacity, solidarity, simplicity and pleasure.

Our Products